Risky Business?

Anyone with a computer and access to the internet can make a few quid trading. It’s only the ones who reduce their losses that become rich. When look at trading strategies, people on focus on the winnings – cutting losses can often be the biggest way to make more money and is also the most […]

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Clearly these are the most challenging times that any trader has ever seen on Football Index. Traders have had month worth of profits wiped out in days. Many have lost a lot of money. Plenty have lost faith. It’s fair to say that there have been a lot of opinions about the platform. The problems, […]

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What makes a good PB player?

If you’re a seasoned FI professional trader, this may be a question that you think you know the answer to. If not, it might be something that you haven’t given too much thought to. Regardless of whether you think you know or not, this blog will take you through what makes a good PB player […]

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